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Library Talk December 27, 2018

Our library just received a gift of 100 new children’s books, ranging from pre-kindergarten through early readers.  These books were a donation from the Brownstone Book Fund, a private foundation in New York City, interested in fostering early reading, a love of books and encouraging parents and children to read together.  Come to any of our libraries to explore and enjoy our new collection. 

This gift of books, ranging from classic to just recently published, is a wonderful present to the library. We had fun deciding which book would go to which branch, some were needed replacements for our copies that had been out well over 100 times, but most were new titles to us, and there is something about holding and appreciating a brand new, shiny book that just begs to be opened and read.  We understand kids are sometimes more in tune with a tablet or DVD, but we still believe in the magic of a physical book— by reading with your children, page by page, rather than having a computer generated voice and page turner, there is a beautiful interaction that fosters reading and bonding…all for free! We hope that you will visit your library over the holiday break and take out a stack of books—a good way to start or continue a worthwhile tradition.

Looking towards 2019, we plan on more programs, we are already looking at the Summer Reading Program activities, and of course continuing to build our collection of all sorts of materials. We welcome suggestions from you, our patrons and we strive to meet your expectations.  Happy New Year.