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Library Talk December 6, 2018

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for a holiday atmosphere for the River Village Christmas celebration this past week-end, but I want to thank everyone that came to the Friday night event as well as the generosity of all of the people that came to the Friends of the Library book-sale on Friday and Saturday. We brought out boxes and boxes of books, thought we had enough out, but continued to bring out more as the tables got thin—thank you for making this event fun and worthwhile. The Friends of the Library plan to add more programs in 2019—combining the programs sponsored by the library and the programs sponsored by the Friends, 2019 should be an awesome year, and your generosity helps.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the lovely Christmas tree in the library front yard.  As always, it is a group effort, and I thank Red Malone who continues every year to cut, deliver and help decorate  the tree, the Village of Ripley for providing assistance in putting the tree in place (so much easier with the right equipment and help!), and this year, thanks to the Zachmans for providing the beautiful blue spruce that looks lovely on our corner of Ripley.

Several people have asked when was Magic Santa coming to the library—alas, he has retired and we didn’t know this until relatively late in the year.  It was a good run—he was doing his magic, banter and  listening to Christmas wish lists long before I arrived, and I’ve been here nearly 25 years, so a long and wonderful tradition.   There were plenty of opportunities for photo ops with other worthy Santas around town this past week-end and we couldn’t really imagine another Santa in our ‘house’ if it couldn’t be Magic Santa, so we will be thinking of another unique and memorable holiday tradition for next year.