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Library Talk – June 7th, 2018

Library Talk, June 7th, 2018

Thanks to the Ripley Friends of the Library, the sorting and displaying of the books for our summer book sale has already begun… tables filled with fiction both classic and contemporary, cookbooks, gardening, history, children’s books, paperbacks, reference material, like new to a few that are lovingly tattered but we can’t bring ourselves to discard yet. Our sale is this Friday evening from 6-8 p.m., and 10-4 on Saturday. Held in the annex next to the Ripley library, where there is lots of room to wander through all the tables of treasures waiting for you! Questions? Please call us at 392-4871.

Summertime, chance to read swinging on the porch swing, on a bench down by the river, or sitting in front of a cooling fan—we hope that everyone can find time to read just for fun this season. I’ve browsed garden books for inspiration, and then walk home and end up shifting some of the perennials to a new spot, or waiting to see if that ‘volunteer’ plant is a weed, or really something that self-sowed last fall. (more weeds than not, but a few happy surprises as well).  I’ll admit, sometimes what comes into the garden is what was on sale at a greenhouse, and then the ‘plan’ has to be shifted!.

A good mystery keeps me captivated as well, and during the summer, I enjoy finding a mystery series that takes place somewhere I’d like to visit—There is a small series that takes place in Door County, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. So the descriptions of the water, the trees, the sailboats, the tourists all evoke a pretty nice place to visit, well, except for the murders that need to be solved by ex-cop Dave Cubiak. Author Patricia Skalka does a nice job.  First in series is Death Stalks Door County.  It is easy to stay locked in with favorite authors, and we certainly purchase enough of the tried and true, but at some point, these were new authors as well, and I think it is worthwhile to branch out and try somebody you haven’t read.  We’ve noted that some of our readers want series, so we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the success of some of the series we purchase the entire set of all at once to see it they will fly off the shelf. Latest foray is Elly Griffiths “Ruth Galloway” mystery series.  Ruth is a ‘quirky, tart-tongued forensic archeologist’ living in a rather isolated location in England.  This series is up to ten titles and growing.

Please don’t forget to sign up your kids for our “Libraries Rock” summer reading program.  Just by signing up, your child gets a cool book bag and a log to keep account of all that they read—We see adults with kids of their own coming in and reminiscing about the program, and that it really was fun and helped them in their reading.  All of our branches have the sign-up, and each have programs at different times during the week for fun activities.