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Library Talk – February 6, 2018


Thanks to staff member Matt Carpenter for his program on ‘cutting the cable cord’- with his honest approach to the changes you would have to choose to go forward with making the switch I think attendees got a real picture of what the transition entails, illustrating the pluses and minuses of going ‘cordless’!  As he said in the program, each household is a unique situation—what technology you already have makes a difference, but you are welcome to come and talk to him on Tuesday and Thursday evenings here at the Ripley library.

Wow, we don’t have a program scheduled for this weekend!  However, on Saturday the 17th  at 10:30 a.m. we will be hosting a beginning beekeeping program at the Aberdeen Library with the Hellers who are themselves local beekeepers and beekeeping supply vendors. This topic has been popular for programs, and if you are planning to try it out this year, this is a good time to start seriously thinking about what type of hive, where you are going to place them, what supplies to you need and all the different methods of raising the little honey factories.  The Aberdeen library is close to the Dollar General store on Route 52.

Saturday the 24th  at 10:30 am we revisit genealogy strategies with a concentration on DNA use in family tree research. Our January genealogy program was very popular, so this is an extension of that class, hoping for more questions and challenges to be addressed. You need not have been here for the first class to attend this one—always tips and tricks to learn and share in this very popular topic. Of course, this program is free and open to the public.

And…..we’ve heard that the Ripley River Jam will be returning to the annex on Tuesday, February 27th from 7-8:00 p.m..  Stay tuned for more details.

We have been processing new books like crazy in all areas within the library—young adult, juvenile, picture books, adult fiction and non-fiction and we hope that you stop in and see (and check out) our new titles.  We do listen to what people say, and is reflected in the collection additions. Kids wanted more ‘big head biographies’, teachers asked for more of the little 24 page easy biographies, hot adult authors such as Patterson, J.D. Robb and Steel, longer historical fiction for kids, especially up at the Russellville library, house plan books for small houses (we saw a lot of them being requested from other libraries), full series by  authors such as Louise Penny and her Inspector Gamache series, and books as focused as Tyranny of Metrics by Muller, discussing the obsession on performance numbers for numbers sake, not actually helping performance, or travel books, including one on the coastal Carolinas, as it is never too early to plan a vacation!