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Library Talk – January 18th, 2018


Library Talk, January 18th, 2018

Thanks to the Ripley Bee for putting the article about maple syrup on the front page above the fold! Couldn’t ask for better placement, but ‘we’ forgot to ask for better weather. Due to the less than ideal road conditions and forecasts, we canceled the event and have rescheduled the maple syrup clinic to Saturday, January 27th at 10:30 am.  There should still be time to learn how to harvest your own sap and boil down to syrup, as this cold weather has kept the ‘running of the sap’ at bay. Of course, the Ohio River Valley is notorious for fluctuating weather, but so far, this winter has acted more like winter than early spring. Christine Tailer will be giving the presentation, and she willingly tells of her experiences, the successes and the early challenges of her maple syrup production.  Another good location for information is the OSU agricultural extension, and they have an informative fact sheet on hobby maple syrup production at https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/f-36 .

This Saturday, January 20th, weather permitting, we will be having a genealogy 101 presentation at the Ripley library at 10:30 am.  The Internet has dramatically changed the speed in which people can get information to help fill out their family tree, but there is still plenty of paper trail work to be done as well—not everything in every courthouse, newspaper, records office has been digitized, and as one finds out, even if it has been, it isn’t always free to see or download!  Melody Kokensparger will lead the class in discussing the trend in DNA use as well as many of the online and paper sources available to everyone.  If you have a laptop or tablet computer, feel free to bring it with you and hook up to our WiFi, but this isn’t required to learn some cool tips and tricks to dig into your family history.

Finally, taking another chance that weather will be more suited for visiting your library, on Saturday, February 3rd, our own Matthew Carpenter will be discussing easy alternatives to cable television. Has your bill gotten so high it is hard to budget?  Come listen and ask questions on how to migrate to streaming television—what to expect, what you need, and how to ‘cut the cable cord’.  A reminder that Matt is here at the Ripley library Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and if you want to have a ‘one-on-one’ help session on a tablet/computer/phone problem, from signing up to get eBooks to how to use an app, or why all of a sudden your computer stops doing something it used to do, call in and reserve the 5:30 pm slot. Our number is 392-4871.