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Library Talk – January 4, 2018


Library Talk, January 4, 2018

             What will the year bring? We have been processing new books and movies that have the 2018 date.  Books such as James Lee Burke’s Robicheaux, Jayne Ann Krenz’s Promise Not To Tell and newcomer (but highly reviewed) to the suspense genre A.J. Finn’s The Woman in the Window.  Of course, James Patterson has new titles out, but he is branching out to true crime thrillers ‘as seen on Investigation Discovery’s Murder is Forever series’—so true crime readers can join the Patterson fold—Murder, Interrupted is one of the first. Another prolific author, Stuart Woods, reveals the next chapter in Stone Barrington’s life with Unbound. New movies soon out cover the gamut from the remake of Stephen King’s It to the second season of Victoria.  While I haven’t gone wild on all the New Year’s resolution type health books, we have recently added a fair number of books on paleo cooking as well as fresh titles on cooking for diabetics.  The January issues of many of our magazines are in, filled with new ideas, fresh looks and ideas for changing your life/diet/finance/home.  So, if the cold weather is giving you the blues, stop in and browse for something new and different—even if you don’t adopt a change, it can be interesting to read the latest trends.

            January will also start our 2018 programs. So far, we have a genealogy research talk with the influence of the DNA testing and a how-to on making maple syrup.  A reminder that if there is a subject or idea you’d like us consider for a program, or you are passionate about a topic you would like to talk about to a library audience, please stop by and tell us—we want to have programs you would enjoy.  There will be a bee keeping program in February, and stay posted for new twists on computer classes.

           Happy New Year to all, and the cold weather will eventually relent!