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Library Talk – December 21, 2017


Library Talk, December 21, 2017

Well, I guess I can’t fool myself any longer into saying I have ‘weeks’ to get ready for the holidays.  Every year I tell myself I’ll do a better job, plan ahead and enjoy the season, but so far, I’m not listening well.  It’s o.k., things will get done, and then it will be the New Year! In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the snow men that adorn our fence here in Ripley—thanks to all of the creative and talented people that took the time to create a family of wonderful, individual snow people.

For all of you that have been coming to the library over the past 30 years, one of the constants has been Patty Fithen in the children’s section—selecting books, decorating the area, registering kids for their first library card, creating crafts and story programs, managing the summer reading program, helping people with the computers and copiers, helping teachers select and receive books, finding people to do programs and so much more.  Starting as an aide, she became the Children’s Librarian in 1991, has seen the growth not only of the Ripley Library with its two expansions, but the branches being built, going from cardboard library cards to barcodes, worked with the early Apple computers for kids (51/4” floppy discs!) to fast Internet access and so much more.  I believe she knows each and every book in the children’s area, and if one is misshelved, she knows exactly what to look for to find it.  She also knows so many of the kids, their parents and grandparents of our library family, and patiently tells me once again who ‘belongs’ to who, and this is much appreciated.

Anyway, Patty has decided it is time for a new chapter in her life, and we will be saying farewell and best wishes to her at the end of the year. To celebrate her tenure and wish her good luck, the library will be having an open house on Thursday, December 28th from 1-6 p.m. with refreshments.  We hope that you will join us during this time.

The staff and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope all can spend time with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of the season.  We will be closed on December 25th.