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Library Talk – December 14, 2017


Library Talk, December 14, 2017

Thanks to all that came to the Christmas tree lighting at the library on Friday— and having it last minute inside the building made us realize we might need to tweak the spacing better next year, but overall, it was wonderful to hear the RULH students sing and listen to the presentations.  After the ceremonies, we had a good turnout for the Friends of the Library book sale, which continued on Saturday. Thank you to everyone that come in and found treasures and donated to the Friends—I’m always glad that the books get a second life (or third, or fourth…). While cleaning up and packing the books that didn’t get ‘adopted’, we selected some of the best to go to Good Will as well as Ohio Valley Manor—if you are aware of a place or organization that could use a box or two of books in good condition, please let us know—we will hand select books for you to have at no cost.   The majority of what we have left is adult fiction of various genres, both in hardback and paperback, along with some biographies and history.  Call the Ripley Library at 392-4871 if interested.

I want to thank the Friends of the Library for all of their work—if any of you have helped in a book sale (think really large yard sale!) you know it is a lot of work, and while fun to do with like-minded people, it does take time and effort, and I really appreciate the dedication and volunteer spirit the Friends are willing to give.  Also thanks to the dulcimer players that provided beautiful seasonal music during the Friday evening book sale—Ripley has some amazing talent!

Next Monday the 18th at 7:00 p.m …….MAGIC SANTA!  For decades, Magic Santa has found time to visit the Ripley library, and the tradition continues. This will be our first Magic Santa performance in the annex, which will allow better spacing for the face painting, singing with Harriet, craft tables, snack table, and of course, the waiting in line to tell Santa what you hope to find under the Christmas tree.  I hope Santa will perform a few magic tricks to dazzle the audience with, and it will be fun for all, and hope that you can attend. We can honestly say generations of families have been entertained by Magic Santa—

FYI, the Ripley Library will be opening at noon on Friday the 15th.