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Auto-Renewal Has Arrived


As a library user ‘perk’, we have added to our system ‘Auto-Renewal’ as of August 1st—meaning your items, books, magazines, DVDs, will be automatically renewed up to two check-out cycles.  If you have given us your email or text number, you will be informed of the renewal, if we just have your phone number, the renewal will happen, but you will not be notified.

Now, there is a caveat—just as before, if there are holds on the item, or you have maxed out the renewals, the system will not renew your items! You can check the renewals online on your account if you aren’t sure what it covered.  If it is already overdue, it will not renew the items either. While I hope this system works well, you, as a patron, are still responsible for your items, but this should cut down on the overdue fines.

If you have any questions, please call or stop in, and we will explain it more thoroughly.  If you want to get notified about the new due dates or what can or cannot be renewed, please be sure we have your current email or text number.