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Library Talk – July 20, 2017


Library Talk – July 20, 2017

To all the children involved with the Summer Reading Program that read their 50 books already—the lime green t-shirts are in for pick-up, and for those of you that are close to reaching your goal….you can stop in and see the custom design we had created—no one else has it!  I hope to see the shirts being worn all around town soon.

While the craft and story-time programs have been completed, the reading continues and you have until the beginning of school to finish your goal. A reminder to parents and guardians—teachers tell us every year they can tell a big difference between the kids that read over the summer vs the kids that don’t—and this is just reading for fun!  I wish I could have every child enjoy the escape and pleasure reading can bring—lost in a castle, learning about fishing, solving a mystery, enjoying a good picture book with awesome illustrations and hopefully a good story.  Graphic novels (souped-up comic books), short chapter books, classics, adventure.. all varieties for all types of readers.

For those of you that enjoy reading reviews and suggestions of books to read…our August BookPage just came in. If you aren’t familiar with this publication, I recommend you try it out. BookPage is in a magazine form, and they are at the library for you to have free of charge. Some months there is a theme, as July’s issue was private eyes and mysteries. There are book reviews for fiction, non-fiction, teen and children’s books along with  interviews with some authors. This magazine may be the place you find a new author, or find out your favorite author has a new book coming out. We purchase a box of them each month, and hope you find them useful.