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Library Talk – June 22, 2017


Odds n’ ends, miscellaneous items, stuff.


Two databases to recommend—we are trying out a legal forms database called NUWAV Legal Documents—they have a variety of legal forms such as contracts, wills, power of attorney forms and you can fill out online or print out a blank form here at the library or on your own computer at home—all you need is a library card!  The other database we are recommending is the NoveList—this database helps you find new authors by recommending ‘Read-Alikes’ or authors in a genre you like to read.  NoveList is also useful for finding lists of books an author has written and generally they are listed in chronological order, and will even show a forthcoming book that isn’t in print yet, but you could get on the hold list through our catalog.  Both are currently listed at the top of our “What’s New at the Library’ on the front page of our website—www.ripleylibrary.com.

A question came in second-hand at the library last week—someone wanted to know where Sullivan’s Store was in Ripley, as they had seen one of the Sullivan’s Coffee Yellow-Label coffee bags. Well….sad to say, Sullivan’s was located in the building next to the Bodmer Hotel—in a postcard that we have of the Bodmer, you can see most of the name Sullivan at 19 N. Second Street. Taking a peak in our Ripley Bees, they opened on August 1, 1931 and advertised in the early 1930s, which would fit in with the Bodmer being new. The Yellow-Label coffee was 35 cents for 2 pounds, sugar was $1.29 for a 25 pound bag, and all candy bars were 3 for 10 cents! I haven’t found when they closed, but I don’t see advertisements after 1932. Sad that both buildings are now just memories.

A heavy box arrived late last week from Virginia, and the treasure included was 6 large notebooks filled with genealogical information on the Mussinans. The records go way back, and there are copies of photographs, pictures and, records from Germany. There are strong connections to the name in Ripley, and it is amazing to see how far back the Mussinan name has been researched, and now it is here in the reference area of the library for future interested parties.