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NUWAV Legal Documents Now Available


Easily compose documents in categories like Business, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Divorce and much, much more. Our Divorce Interview feature guides you step by step through the process, saving gigantic amounts of time and treasure. NUWAV Legal Documents provide Citizens with access to legal documents reducing the “justice gap” in America.

Visit the UTP Document portal by CLICKING HERE


  • The divorce interview will guide patrons through the otherwise costly divorce process. They only pay filing fees!
  • Our library covers all business and transaction documents your patrons are likely to need, including Bills of Sale, Leases, Notes, and more.
  • Our extensive library of Tenant/Landlord documents can help patrons properly deal with uncooperative or unresponsive landlords.
  • It’s important for everyone to plan ahead for medical contingencies. With NuWav, patrons can cover their bases quickly and easily.
  • Our library covers virtually all common legal situations that can be resolved without a lawyer.