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Library Talk – June 8, 2017


Library Talk, June 8, 2017

The Ripley Friends of the Library Summer book sale went so well, they want to extend it—we will be opening the doors again on this coming Saturday (June 10th) from 9-4 p.m. Having the annex has made setting up (and leaving up!) so much better and easier. There will be lots of NEW STUFF added to the room—we had a lot of material out this past Saturday,  but not everything, so many boxes will be unpacked,  and to entice you, especially if you are a bookseller or general seller, I will be ‘salting’ the tables with some books that have collectible value—have to have a good eye, as some of the books that collectors are willing to pay $10.00-$50.00 dollars for are not the prettiest or the oldest books…  Due to one significant donation, we still have lots of paperbacks of the historical romance genre—if you are a fan of authors such as Cassie Edwards, Rosemary Rogers, Linda Lael Miller—this is a chance of a lifetime. I just looked at a used paperback store online, and these are running $3-4.00 each, and you could get a bag of them for the donation of the price of a single copy!  Too many authors to mention, but hundreds of titles, all in great condition.   We have tables of biographies, history, gardening, cookbooks, children’s books, paperback suspense, diet and health, inspirational and so much more.  Early 20th century bound magazines, classics, lots of hardbound fiction, plus all the goodies I’ll look for to add this week.

Summer Reading Program in full swing—we have a great group of programs and visiting guests this summer—everything from baby goats to firemen, recycling and nature ideas all in the line of ‘Build a Better World” theme. Stop by your favorite branch to sign up and ask for details.

Ripley’s excitement this past week was the collapse of the Bodmer Hotel and the older building next to it. I hate to see old buildings ‘die’, and this was not a pretty way to go.  I am asking if anyone has pictures or memories they’d like to share of the Bodmer and the stores in the first floor, or any of the stores/restaurants that were located in the building next to the Bodmer. I know the Blue Jay Restaurant (opened late 1982) and Not Just Antiques (opened in 1999?) spent years in the little building, but I’m sure there were many others over the years. Thanks for considering enriching our files on the history of Ripley.