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Library Talk – April 25, 2017


Last Saturday the annex was a beehive of activity with candidate for Eagle Scout Ricky Loebker and his fellow Boy Scouts from Maysville Troop 221 moving mountains of books, building material and furniture.  After moving the tons (I doubt I am exaggerating—books weigh a lot!) of material, the auxiliary room was cleaned up, then brand new, heavy-duty shelving was carefully assembled.  The Friends and I will sort the books and place them in (gasp!) uniform boxes to best utilize the shelving space—all this to not only make it much, much safer and easier to store and retrieve the books, but to organize the rest of the ‘stuff’ we have. If you’ve ever seen the cartoon where when the closet door was opened, an avalanche tumbled out? That was what we had, piled on pallets, in corners, awful.  Now, when this is done, the Friends will have easy access to all of the donated books to better have a book sale.  In anticipation of that, the Ripley Friends of the Library are planning an early summer sale—Saturday, June 3rd. More details to come.  Thanks so much to the Loebkers and Maysville Troop 221 for allowing us to be the benefactors of this project.

Next Thursday will be a milestone for our wonderful little Russellville Branch library. We opened the doors 20 years ago, hoping that the Russellville community would support and welcome a library. It is hard to believe that we’ve been there for 20 years, but in some ways, as quickly as we were ‘adopted’ by the community, it seems as if we’ve been there forever.  On Thursday, May 4th   from 4-6 p.m., the Russellville Friends and staff will be hosting an open house with refreshments.  The 20 year mark also will be recognized as the retirement of Alberta Moore, who was with the library from day 1. Alberta has been an asset to the library, bringing her knowledge of children’s literature and children from working at the Russellville Elementary School library, as well as being an avid reader herself along with  dedication to customer service and the community. We all hope she has a happy and healthy retirement, and she will be missed.

Just a reminder that also on Thursday May 4th will be the Essential Oils informational talk at the Ripley Library at 7:00 p.m.