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Library Talk – April 11, 2017


Library Talk April 13, 2017


Kudos to the Ripley Painters for their art show. Over the weekend they had close to hundred and fifty people come in to browse and marvel at the art work, as well as admire our annex. A reminder that the Ripley Painters welcome people to come to the Ripley Library on Monday mornings from 10-12 to paint, ask questions, learn and have fun while creating art under the guidance of artist Jeanne Grant.

A sampling of books and movies being released this week include:

Lisa Scottoline’s One Perfect Lie, an emotional thriller set in a very ordinary, believable  suburban setting, James Patterson (what week doesn’t he have something coming out?) offers Two From The Heart—two novellas in one book that address not crimes or suspense, but rather, as he says, “the power of a good story to open our eyes to life’s possibilities”.

Hidden Figures is almost a docu-drama, as it is based on the true story of the African-American women that helped NASA by calculating many of the formulas to safely transport man into space. Taking place in 1961, the women were amazing, but the discrimination was awful. Of course I was horrified at the denial of access to books given to one of the characters in the public library, but the determination, triumph and ultimate recognition of their work is impressive.  Lion is another movie based on a true story about a five year old Indian child that gets accidentally separated from his parents, lost and struggling to survive in a metropolis as an orphan  and ultimately adopted, moving to another country, and at twenty-five years old decides to try and find his biological parents. Good acting and direction in both of these films