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Library Talk – January 26, 2017


Library Talk, January 26, 2017

Annex update. Chasing wires, finding little leaks, ordering chairs…getting closer to the final inspection.  The front and rear facades will not be ‘prettified’ before we are open for programs, as while aesthetically important, it does not have a functional issue.  We will save money and work on it as we can.  One of the exciting possibilities is we just got approved to be a Lincoln Center Screenings site—this means we can (once I figure out all the technical issues) show a Lincoln Center recorded performance on a large screen in the annex, and the library of programs we can choose is pretty broad—classic concerts of the New York Philharmonic to performers such as Lyle Lovett and Emilylou Harris, or Caribbean drum music to Harlem blues—A really nice mix of art, and I think a good use of the room.

Valentine’s Day not too far away, and we will be having the return of the Ripley River Jam on February 14th at 7:00 p.m. here at the library. With love in the air, I believe the theme will lean towards love and “love done me wrong” songs. Hope you can join us to listen and participate in the beginning of the 2017 season of awesome jam sessions.

New thriller/suspense books added or soon to be added to the collection include:  Of course a James Patterson titled Never, Never (does a week go by without a Patterson? Not often!), John Lescroat’s thriller Fatal, JP Delaney’s (new pseudomyn for bestselling author) The Girl Before, an intense psychological thriller, Christine Feehan continues her Ghostwalker series with Power Game, and Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You wraps up the ‘edge of your seat’ readings.