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Library Talk – January 2, 2017

From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director

Happy New Year.
It wasn’t really on purpose, just the timing of a box of non-fiction that was mostly how-to books, and I thought how appropriate—the chance to learn a new skill, or learn about something that I’ve been curious about, and with the New Year started, it seems like a good time. So not exactly a resolution (I have a very hard time keeping them), more a renewed curiosity and I hope some subjects catch your fancy. Here are some of the titles: Hand-Printing Studio, How to Spin: From Choosing a Spinning Wheel to Making Yarn, The Best of Sewing Machine Fun For Kids, How to Build Dry-Stacked Stone Walls: Design and Build, Identifying Birds of Prey: Quick Reference Guide for Eastern North America and 101 Things for Kids to Do Outside. In the same box, there were some updated consumer medical books such as The Autoimmune Connection: Essential Information for Women on Diagnosis, Treatment and Getting On with your Life, The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Handbook Revised Ed. and Medicinal Plants of North America. We have also added some additional how-to oriented DVD Great Courses programs—How to Draw and Continental Knitting.

We strive to provide our patrons with both the expected titles from the bestsellers lists to books or subjects you’ve never thought of, but once you see them, they grab your interest. It is a challenge and an honor to try and predict what will be popular, useful, entertaining, and or informative, and if we do it right, we have them on the shelves just before you need them! While we scour the catalogs, both print and online, we still value and listen to suggestions and needs that are unique to you—we may purchase, we may just try and borrow for you, but regardless, let us know what you’d like to read, or listen to or watch and we’ll see what we can do.

With the New Year starts the children’s programs again this first week in January. For Ripley, we have the story time on Thursday mornings at 10:30 for kids 3-5 years old. January will be concentrating on the ‘Winter’ theme with stories and crafts. Russellville will have homeschool program on Wednesdays from 2:15-3:00, with a concentration of seasonal activities and science for elementary school aged kids, Thursdays from 3-3:45 is an afterschool program for kids in grades 3-5, and Thursday mornings at 11:00-11:30 we have story time for kids 2-4 years old. As Russellville is a small library, each program is limited to 10 kids, and we encourage you to sign up by stopping in or calling 377-2700. Great winter fun, an excuse and purpose to get out of the house and enjoy your local library.