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Library Talk – November 9, 2016

From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director

I am writing this article on Monday, so the election results are unknown as I pen my few words. I won’t miss the advertisements and the attacks in print, television, radio and Internet! I guess the advertising dollars have helped the media, and I hope it has helped the local papers, but I’m ready for a break from the politics.

Next week we are having two programs at the Ripley library. First is an informational program on signing up for Medicare and the supplemental plans—the deadline for electing your plan is December 7th. Medicare is primarily for people at or over 65 years of age. Our program to help you understand the process and the selection is next Tuesday, November 15th at 7:00 p.m.

For a bit of a history lesson, next Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00 p.m. we welcome Stan Purdy as he gives us an overview of the many presidents of the United States that had either been born or lived in the great state of Ohio. Stan’s well researched talk should be enlightening and fun. Both programs are free and open to the public, and we hope that you find them useful, educational and enjoyable.

If you’ve noticed the extra vans and trucks in the Ripley library parking lot, it isn’t annex work, but work on the ancient (in computer years) wiring that the library has. Some of the cabling was done in house over 20 years ago, and let’s face it, we expect faster and cleaner data transmission on our computers, our tablets, our circulation system and more, and having new and more modern cabling will help. They are also putting in better WiFi equipment, organizing our rat’s nest of wires, and overall making the library’s Internet faster, more secure and stable. The crew has quite the challenge to complete this goal.

I think with the better wiring we will implement some security cameras—the theft of material continues, and while we have changed some procedures and slowed it down some, it isn’t enough and it is unfair to the majority of our good patrons to not have access to DVDs and music CDs just because someone doesn’t want to play by the rules.