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Library Talk – September 8, 2016


From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director

Don’t forget to sign up and stop in to pick up a scarecrow frame and burlap ‘head’ at the Ripley Library to help us decorate the fence for fall. (Yes, the fall season is approaching, regardless of the hot and humid weather we have been experiencing) There is a limited number we can fit on the fence, so don’t wait too long to sign up or you may be disappointed! The fence looks pretty bare at the moment as we took down the patriotic swags that had been up for most of the summer.

Once again, we have suffered a rash of DVD thefts. In one check of our most current DVDs that are on the shelf, five discs had been removed from the case with the case left on the shelf. This is theft and illegal, pure and simple. We will be changing the display method of the movies, creating a delay in checking out the current movies as staff will have to pull the discs from behind the desk for each request. We will start this at the Ripley branch, but may have to institute the procedure at all three buildings. We have trusted the public with our material, and it is hurtful to us that trust has been yet again broken. People ask why we don’t have more DVDs and while it seems that we have quite a few, we have to constantly decide if we should replace lost/damaged/stolen titles against purchasing only new titles—solid arguments for either side, and usually it is decided on a per title basis.

The quilt show and photography contest displayed in the meeting room last Saturday was enjoyable to view. The collection of new and old quilts was quite interesting and beautiful, and the talent shown in the photo contest was quite nice. Thanks for bringing some beauty to the library.