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Library Talk – August 9, 2016


From the desk of Alison Gibson, Director

Last week before most schools start up for the 2016-17 year. We hope to see students and teachers take advantage of what we have in the way of resources—we know several teachers, especially for the younger grades, realize the wealth of books we can tap into, as the number of books on ‘first day back to school’ or ‘what I did on vacation’ or ‘what is 1st grade like’ have been heavily requested. We are glad we can help! During the school year, we also see the need for multiple copies of the same book so that a class can read simultaneously. We just need a little time to borrow enough from our family of libraries, but I think this is a service that can be useful and important in helping out our local schools.

While the Pokémon Go craze is still going on, we thought we’d have some fun and show one of the earlier Pokémon movies, so next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. we will fire up the popcorn machine and watch a movie at the Ripley library—of course this is free and open to the public. To add to the fun, if you ‘catch’ a character in the library, show the screen shot to a staff member and we’ll give you a Pokémon pencil. Limit just one per person and only while supplies last!

We have been looking at the numbers of people using the Ripley newspaper database, and there are people from all over the country tapping into it—my biggest suggestion if you want to crop and print is to use Chrome or Firefox, not Internet Explorer at this time—the cropping/printing feature seems to want to lock, and is frustrating. If you are just browsing, all work ok. Remember, you can find this amazing database at www.ripleylibrary.com and look for the Ripley, OH newspapers in the Resources. Questions? Please call 937-392-4871.