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Library Talk – August 8, 2017

Library Talk, August 10, 2017

If some of you were concerned that there wasn’t a Ripley Friends Fish Fry event this July, fear not!  The very successful fun and fund-raising event has been moved to September, hoping for a chance at a bit cooler event— Of course we have the annex now to fall back on, but there is something special about sitting at picnic tables watching the river go by with friends, good food and entertainment.  So, new date, Saturday, September 16th.   Now for the ‘art’ part—this year, we are encouraging local artists, craftspeople, and creative thinkers to decorate a birdhouse, either with an existing birdhouse or  created from re-purposed items ( a quick look online with overwhelm you with ideas!)—these items will be, as in previous years, auctioned off and money raised will go to the Ripley Friends of the Library, who will in turn, help the library. The last two years the money had been used to purchase furnishings for the annex—some of the programs and events that have been held in the annex this year have needed all 160 chairs!  If you are interested in helping out with creating a decorative birdhouse, please contact the library—at the moment, we have a few birdhouses and potential re-purposed items available to kick-start your creative juices, and we will need the finished item back by September 5th so we can promote the art and the event.  Thank you for considering helping out the Friends of the Library. Questions? Please give us a call at 392-4871

Our next annex program will be on paranormal research in general, and the Higginsport School specifically.   Justin Brown, an experienced paranormal researcher with the knowledge and the technology to search for, detect and sometimes debunk paranormal activities, will be here in Ripley on Saturday, August 19th from 10:30 -12:30. He will be talking about the tools and research methods that are used, bringing some of his equipment to show, taking questions, and then showing, for the first time publicly, his DVD about the research done at the Higginsport School—so, is it haunted or not?  Program is free and open to the public.  DVDs will be available for purchase after the event for $10.00.